1 Congratulations on achieving the top academic honours at your school. What motivated you to work so hard?

I believe that in life, whatever you do, do it well or not at all. My school foundation was strongly established at Willem Postma and high school followed at Eunice. My willingness to learn contributed to my discipline regarding  schoolwork. My father and grandfather played significant roles in motivating me, both by being optimistic and hardworking.

2 What makes your school unique and why do you think you have achieved such great results? What role did your school and its’ teachers play in achieving your goal?

There is unity in our diversity. Eunice has dedicated teachers who never hesitate to go further than the extra mile for their pupils. Our teachers allow us to express our opinions even if it differs from the norm. They encourage us to work independently and responsibly. I was privileged to have incredible teachers throughout my school career, not only academically but assisting in all facets of life.

3 What is your favourite subject (and why) and who was the teacher?

My favourite subject is Life Sciences because I enjoy learning about the human body and how it functions. My teacher was Mrs Linki Jooste.

4 Where will you be studying in 2020?

I will be studying at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein.

5 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to have completed my undergraduate studies in Medicine!

6 How would you motivate next year’s matrics to achieve their goals? What advice can you give them?

Matric is over in the blink of an eye. Grab every opportunity that comes your way, do not procrastinate and maintain an optimistic outlook on life! You miss out on more than you think when you are absent from school so aim for 100% attendance. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity!

7 What hobbies do you have?

I enjoy reading, swimming and jogging. I also like spending time with family and friends. A good strawberry milkshake is always a treat!

Choose one: Quickfire questions / Blitsvrae

  • Cappuccino, hot chocolate/warm sjokolade or tea/tee? Cappuccino
  • Braai with friends/braai saam met vriende/ takeaways/wegneemetes or a picnic/piekniek? Braai with friends
  • Binge watching series/tv reekse kyk, a live music festival/ regstreekse musiekfees /fliek met popcorn or a movie with popcorn? Binge watching series
  • Android or iOS? iOS