Eunice Primary School aspires to provide a diverse educational experience – for young girls to believe in themselves and discover their true potential.
Eunice Primary provides an excellent 21st century academic, sporting and cultural programme. Eunice Primary is a happy, vibrant and caring place and has a strong sense of purpose. Learners are enthusiastic, energetic, and excited about the learning adventure that we provide.

Eunice Pre-Primary includes Grade R and Grade 00. Eunice Pre-primary strives to provide a safe, loving and caring environment in which our young girls can be guided and educated to reach their full potential – intellectually, emotionally and socially.

The staff at Eunice Primary are dedicated and committed to excellence. The educators care deeply about education and the hopes and dreams of every girl entrusted to them. They are very conscious of the need to help the girls mature into well-balanced human beings and also the need to make learning a fun-filled experience.

‘ Vincit Qui se Vincit’ – ‘She conquers who conquers herself’.