Eunice’s rich history of exceptional swimming is the driving force behind this seasonal sport. During the first and fourth terms the swimming programme include developmental, beginner swimming and advanced swimming, which takes place at the Colleen Steenkamp pool on campus. The primary school’s excellent swimming programme is the first step, where learners are all taught basic to advanced swimming. Learners who are accepted at the high school are often not from schools where this basic skill is nurtured. That is why it is our aim to make sure that the next step involves an opportunity for all our learners to learn how to swim and leave school empowered. Eunice takes part in the annual All Girls Aquatics Festival, hosted by various girls’ schools in the country. The very popular Midmar Mile sees Eunice swimmers every year. We are proudly the school with the most entries at the Midmar Mile every year – the last with 173 entries. The Inter High Gala is the highlight of the year. This event not only shows off our high quality swimming but also very enthusiastic Spirit-cup rivalry.

Swimming season at Eunice has high energy, swimmers who aim for the podium and supporters that drive that force.

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