Eunice has a proud sporting legacy that goes back through the school’s history. We strive to provide all learners with multiple opportunities in as many sporting codes as possible. The aim being to promote physical wellness and a balanced lifestyle to ensure the holistic development of every learner. Quality coaching and facilities are available to each and every Eunice learner to ensure that we perform to our full potential at all times. The school takes part in many festivals, derby days and leagues throughout the year, which gives learners ample opportunity to take part and perform.


Never give up. Every one runs their own race at their own pace.

~ Charnè Weyers ~
Athletics Captain


There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. Just never give up on trying again.

~ Baraka Mutambala ~
1st Team Chess Captain


Never let any mistake stop you from believing in yourself.

~ Chemelda Ontong ~
1st Team Hockey Captain


Never stop playing until the end whistle blows.

~ Nicola Jordaan ~
1st Team Netball Captain


The only limit to what you can have in your life is the size of your imagination and the level of commitment to making it real.

~ Limpho Taole ~
1st Team Squash Captain


Greatness is only milliseconds away. Just keep going!

~ Katia Turchino ~
Swimming Captain


“The secret to success is to serve well.”
Maude Kruger
1st Team Tennis Captain