Maths and Science Outreach

Eunice is dedicated to engaging in Maths and Science Outreaches twice a year with teachers and learners from disadvantaged schools. In 2019, five schools were invited to attend a Grade 11 and 12 Mathematics and Physical Sciences Outreach Program. The learners and teachers of each school receive teaching and training in small groups from our own teachers and learners. These skills are then shared in their own communities when they return home and teach others what they have learnt.

Anchor Yeast Outreach

This is an opportunity that Consumer Studies schools always book on their calendar. The ladies from Anchor Yeast in Johannesburg visit Bloemfontein once a year in February. Schools in Bloemfontein and surrounding towns are invited to do a yeast practical at Eunice to learn the skill of making bread and a variety of sweet and savoury dishes using yeast.

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