Eunice’s Green Heart

During the past week learners at Eunice got together to package donations to be sent to various local foundations in need of assistance as a part of Eunice’s Greenheart Service program, Eunice’s ladies were encouraged to donate towards certain charitable organisations in and around Bloemfontein. The Greenheart Service program focused on the needs of three different organisations in term 1:

  1. Khanya 4 Life is a non-profit organisation that provides services for people with disabilities in rural communities.
  2. Phetoho Baby House provides a safe and caring environment for orphaned babies.
  3. Boikucho Old Age Home addresses the needs of older persons, orphaned children, and women.

Every organization was contacted to find out what items would aid them the most. These items were split up between classes and learners were encouraged to donate to help meet the needs of the organisations. Eunice’s learners exceeded expectations with their donations and the packages are due for delivery in the next few days.

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