Always the journey, never the destination

And what a journey it was! On 23 June, twenty very excited young ladies from Eunice High School, boarded a plane to Europe. They embarked on a tour which would filled their heads with vivid images, breath-taking moments, extraordinary tastes and literally out-of-this world experiences. It is difficult to highlight the highlights, as there is a long list of overwhelming moments:

Moments that stand out are when Eunice girls set foot in the Colosseum in Rome, stood underneath Juliet’s balcony in Verona, walked on the grounds of Buckingham Palace and swam in the Adriatic ocean at Lido Di Jesolo. They experienced incredible views from the Eiffel tower, Mont Blanc in Chamonix and the London Eye. These adventurous Eunice girls travelled on the tube, sped on the Eurostar, lazed on gondolas and went on exhilarating rides at Euro Disney. They tasted Turkish delight, unhealthy amounts of Gelato, authentic Italian cuisine and personalised M&Ms in London.

And like all girls, Eunice ladies shopped in Harrods, explored markets and when they were ‘shopped out, they rested their feet on the Spanish Steps. The Europe tour globetrotters returned on 11 July, with hearts full of memories and gratitude to Mr and Mrs Marais, who meticulously planned and responsibly guided an awe-inspiring tour, despite the excruciating heat wave!

By Danielle Joubert Grade 11