Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends.

Eunice House

Eunice House is a home away from home for over 200 boarders from all over South Africa and even as far as Botswana and Namibia. It provides a secure environment with full-time security at the main entrance and regular patrols around the perimeter of the whole school by our dedicated security personnel.

Staying at Eunice House helps the girls develop independence, self-discipline and the ability to manage themselves under the guidance of four caring house mothers and numerous students. Mr Leon Janse van Rensburg, Deputy Principal, and his wife Alit, lead the house mothers as Senior House Parents.

Our transport service includes short and long shuttle routes to transport the boarders to extra mural activities beyond the school grounds.

Excellent, nutritious meals are provided and two qualified chefs and a full-time, qualified nurse is available 24 hours-a-day to tend to our girls! Laundry services are offered by trained staff and a laundry room in each wing is accessible for each boarder.

A structured academic environment within hostel allows boarders to work well, and two boarders per room allows the girls to feel part of a unit, the EUNICE FAMILY.

Hostel Soul of School

Family ties are forged at Eunice House which is often referred to as the soul of the school.
It provides boarding to over 200 girls. Old girls will recognise the names of the different wings which consist of two bedded rooms. Kopje, Eirene, Reitz, Upper House, Lower House and Margaret Style are all famous Eunice names from the old school which are now part of the Central University of Technology.

The girls are fortunate to have separate dining, prep and recreation facilities. The upstairs preproom is used for the three matric examinations as it is relatively quiet and remote. There is also a sickbay, a computer room and a matric TV room where grade 12’s spend leisure time.

One of the features of Eunice House is its security extras. Tiger Muller greets and vets every visitor to the foyer which serves as an entrance and exit to all the wings. Four housemothers report to a senior head of hostel and are supported by seven student chargemistresses.

The kitchen facility is run independently and provides a thoroughly professional service.

During holidays, Eunice House is transformed into an experienced and expert business operation which provides the school with much needed funds for capital development and welcomes visitors from all over the country into the Eunice

All past boarders will remember the atmosphere of positive respect, the courtesy, the fun and the friendliness which characterise hostel life.
Bianca van Aswegen from Welkom is the present boarder headgirl. She has her own en-suite accommodation and participates fully in the organisation and responsibilities of hostel life. She is supported by a group of senior learner leaders. Her photograph, like those of her predecessors, graces the hostel foyer.

Special Eunice House traditions include the Spring Breakfast, Christmas dinner and the Hostel Week which features treats and activities which give Eunice much of its fun spirit. In times past the Grey Lady would make an appearance once a year. She could be persuaded to pass by unnoticed if enough sweets and chocolates were left outside one’s room. It took a male principal to persuade her to move to less green pastures!

Letter from Eunice Hostel Head Girl 2019

I became a member of the Eunice family at the beginning of my Grade 7 year and made many friends who would become like sisters to me.

Over the past few years living at Eunice House, which has become our home away from home, we have learnt so many valuable lessons. For example, how to resolve issues in a mature manner, how to support one another during the happy and tough times. Furthermore, we have learnt the value of respecting one another’s differences. Together we have developed into confident young ladies who have created an everlasting bond.

Eunice High School provides quality education and Eunice House has made it possible for boarders to make full use of the opportunities provided at this special school. When the time comes to bid her farewell, we will leave as well-equipped young ladies who will enjoy bright and successful futures.

– Anna Shaer
Eunice Hostel Headgirl 2019

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