Bianca performs at the highest level

Bianca Rees-Gibbs is a Grade 8 Learner from Eunice High School, who recently took 1st place at the South-African Schools Closed Squash Tournament and is subsequently ranked as the #1 u/14 girls squash player in the country. Bianca started playing squash at the age of 9 and is currently 5th in the Eunice Squash 1st team. She now ranks 1st on the South-African girls u/14 squash leader boards. Bianca also plays hockey for Eunice’s u/14 A team. Bianca trains three times a week with Eunice’s 1st team, two times a week with a private coach and two individual strength training sessions. Bianca enjoys both individual and team sports and feels that it is important to always stay motivated, and to help motivate others. Bianca hopes to continue with sport after school.

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