The myriad of cultural activities offered at Eunice allow learners to develop important life skills such as creativity, self-discipline, effective communication and the ability to work in teams. There is something for everyone to enjoy whilst becoming a part of a special family of artists, actors, dancers, singers and musicians. When engaging in these activities, learners develop the self-esteem to follow their passion and face the outer world with confidence.

Vitae Cantamus Choir

"You can truly touch, inspire and change a life one song at a time! All you need is passion, emotion and heart."

Katelyn van der Merwe
Choir Headgirl


"There are two things that marimbas create - family and a killer beat."

Mantombazana Mahlangu
Marimba Captain

Speaker’s Corner

"A platform to voice my thoughts and opinions and have meaningful, educational conversations with the people around me."

Favour Ifeanyi
Debating Captain 2020


"On stage nothing else matters except for the knowledge that when you are having fun, the audience will have too."

Katelyn van der Merwe
Grade 12 Drama Learner