During the week of 2-6 March 2020, Anchor Yeast visited Eunice High School to present their yearly yeast workshop to schools in Bloemfontein and the surrounding area. These workshops serve to introduce consumer studies students to yeast as a product and instruct them on its use. The participating learners are instructed on working with yeast, baking bread and making sweet dishes.

This year, 11 schools attended the workshop including: Eunice, Heatherdale, President Steyn, Navalsig, Bultfontein, Brandfort, Eunice, Fichardtpark, Jacobsdal, Senekal, Oranje and Jim Fouche. The grade 11 consumer studies learners are taught to bake bread using yeast and instructed on the application of various skills necessary to create different styles of bread and savoury dishes. The grade 12 learners are taught to bake cinnamon rolls and other sweet dishes with yeast.

The Anchor Yeast Week has been presented annually for the past 30 years and creates the opportunity for students to work with a product they may not be used to. These workshops form part of a greater whole by Anchor Yeast who also present baking competitions to consumer studies students during the year. The joint initiative by Eunice and Anchor Yeast has become a regular part of the instruction of consumer studies learners in Bloemfontein.

Gr 11 Eunice learners with their plated bread rolls.
Carlin Clark, Joanne Cassim, Charney Hechtor, Brenna Donachie.

Rethabile Litabe, Gr 11 Eunice Consumer Studies learner adding finishing touches to her bread rolls.