Eunice is justly proud of the fine tradition of outstanding results in the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate examination. The consistent qualities of such results are a very real tribute to the triangular partnership of commitment between learners, staff and parents.

Eunice is in a class of its own in terms of quality teaching and learning. Twelve successive Eunice Matric classes have earned the Top School Award. For the 35th consecutive year, Eunice has achieved 100% Matric pass rate with 2020 seeing 97% of the 159 matriculants achieving a Bachelor’s pass with 349 subject distinctions.

Eunice is committed to providing the best educational environment and our priority is to ensure that all pupils develop skills that will position them to thrive in the post-school learning, and working environment.

Here Expertise and Dedication Add Up

So what is the secret? Well, believe it or not, it is not about statistics and distinctions. When one of the province’s best team of teachers earns the respect and response of an entire matric class, the result is a rich harvest of personal bests. Each of them aims to let every learner have a sense of accomplishment and significance, striving to be the compass that activates the magnets of curiosity and wisdom in learners.

That is what our school strives to achieve – learners growing into the best they can be.

What a pleasure. It is not rocket science. It is Eunice.

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