Eunice At A Glance

Eunice strives to produce outstanding school leavers who are innovative, analytical, articulate, balanced and adaptable with the life-long love of learning; and strives, through teaching, learning and community service, to contribute to the overall development, refinement and readiness of our girls and, by implication, to the longstanding reputation of Eunice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why become a Eunice boarder?
    Eunice High School is one of South Africa’s top boarding schools with a long history of tradition and excellence.
  • What is Eunice’s recipe for her sustained Academic success?
    At Eunice you will be educated in a dynamic environment of high expectations where you will be taught to question critically, to think creatively and to master life skills and techologies.
  • Why choose English as my Academic Language of Instruction?
    Developing English communication skills opens the door to your future. Confidence in fluency in English certainly enables our old girls to flourish at university and to embrace the opportunities that international mobility presents in a modern world.
  • Why do so many people say: “Once a Eunice girl, always a Eunice girl?”
    Eunice is a way of life for us. Our teachers serve it selflessly in the knowledge that they help to shape a better future for our girls.

Eunice is special because

Grade 8:
She acknowledges everyone’s uniqueness | She helps you achieve anything you put your mind to | She helps you discover your dreams and define your future.

Grade 9:
I feel so at home here | She trains her daughters to be independent women | She treats me like I am her only child | Here her different ladies become sisters for life | My blood is green.

Grade 10:
She gives me hope for the future | I found my family here.

Grade 11:
She taught me pride and to realise my worth in life | She helped me break out of the shell that I hid in for so long.

Grade 12:
She offers me more than just education – she offers me skills I need to conquer the world.