The Northern Cape Theatre in Kimberley is filled with a nostalgic atmosphere and excitement. It offers opportunities, exposure and privileges almost without equal.
The Eunice String Ensemble, Eunice Drumline and the 3 Eunice Marimba bands have worked extremely hard! Week after week, rehearsal after rehearsal (and then of course the extra rehearsals in between) led to the brilliant results of the MADDFEST held in Kimberley on the 22nd August 2019.
What is even more impressive, is how efficiently the marimba band can dismantle and set up 2 full sets of chromatic marimba instruments; an amazing 4.5 Min – 7min and ready to play! These ladies are truly a well-oiled machine, ready for anything that comes their way; a true reflection of Eunice Excellence.

On the morning of 22 August, the ‘Dream Team’ of 42 Eunice ladies, coach Mrs Margie Anderson and manager Mrs Mag Marais set off aboard a Big Sky bus in order to take part in the MADDFEST held in Kimberley. They were only too aware of the challenges which faced them: providing musical entertainment and undergoing the severe scrutiny of an adjudicator from Gauteng.

The MADDFEST has 4 categories of awards. A Bronze 60%-69%, Silver 70%-79%, Gold 80%-89% and Diamond 90%-99%

The string ensemble, (9 learners), earned themselves an outstanding 99% thereby obtaining winning a Diamond Award.
The first Marimba group, consisting of 8 Grade 8 learners, played their own compilation of Stereo Love and Macarena received a very impressive 96%! This earned Eunice its 2nd Diamond certificate.
The second Marimba group, with 8 learners ranging from grade 8 to grade 11, playing ‘Buya Africa’ and ‘Vat Jou Goed en Trek’ compilation, left the adjudicator in such awe that they awarded 99% and Eunice earned their third Diamond certificate!
The third Marimba group was the highlight, playing a radio mashup of ‘CCR Brown-eyed Girl’, ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain?’ and ‘Viva la Vida’. The adjudicator was so impressed that he said that he could have awarded a Quadruple Diamond to this group! They received 100% for their performance!
The drumline then performed. This is the first time that they have entered a competition. They made a dramatic improvised entry with an improvised version of Johnny Clegg’s ‘Impi’, ‘Great Heart’, and ‘Asi-bonanga’. Their disciplined style and technique gave them a very well deserved 100% with the adjudicator again wanting to award a triple Diamond!

This was a very successful trip! We were awarded 5 Diamond certificates in all. The Eunice Music department is constantly on the rise, living up to her motto: Those who conquer, conquer themselves!

Eunice Senior Marimba Band
From left to right: Gabby-Lee Topkin, Caitlin Mantel, Jade Swart, Mrs Anderson (coach), Baraka Mutambala, Todva Mhlanga, Julie Ji, Kara van Wyk.

Absent: Lisa Reblin, Manto Mhlangu